Pop of pink

Gap neon tee and jeans, American Apparel scarf, H&M blazer, Chinese Laundry wedges. 

In Portland, Spring always fakes us out a few times. We'll get a couple days of sunny and 60s beautiful weather, and then it will go back to cool and rainy for the rest of the month, just to torture us I assume. Since I can't very well wear skirts or dresses or short-sleeved shirts yet, I've noticed myself sticking to layers but switching my color palette up instead. Not warm enough to wear a t-shirt? Fine. I will just wear pink neon under my layers to let it be known that spring is coming. :)

I've never really been a pink person in general, but I find myself gravitating towards it more and more in clothing. I think maybe because it goes so well with black, white, and denim neutrals? The especially bright variety seems so fresh and fun to me, and is more flattering than most extra-bright colors.

Do you have a favorite way to style pink pieces or combine them with something?

I have been on Pinterest a lot lately and catching up in the blogosphere and I am loving all the trends! Good for this blog, but bad for my wallet. Neon, sporty, denim, black and white, palm prints, I'm loving it all. Anyone have a favorite spring trend right now?



cleartheway said...

I love this blazer on you! The cut is perfect.

Kate from Clear the Way

Sarah said...

Very pretty :)

Mili said...

I tend to stray away from pinks as well, but I agree with your statement-- it can be worn with a lot! I like how you toned it down with the blazer & scarf :)

Mili from call me, Maeby