Have/Want: Fall shoes

have/want fall shoes

have/want fall shoes by kellymontgomery featuring old navy shoes

Dolce Vita Prince Speed boots, Old Navy boots

First of all, impulsively scored these awesome Dolce Vita (top left) lace up boots on eBay today for $45 and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm a couple months away from really wanting to wear these, but they were too good to pass up. I'm not really a fan of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita booties that are now everywhere, so these are my substitute. Chunky, but not TOO chunky, and with a little Pacific Northweest hiking style thrown in there. Psyched to get these in the mail next week, hopefully they fit. 

Second, um hello Old Navy? When did you start making such cute boots? I kind of want all three pairs, not going to lie here, I love them all. That bottom left pair is about as good as I've seen for an affordable version of the insanely awesome but insanely expensive Isabel Marant "Dicker" booties. Not sure how these will do as far as comfort, but for about $35 each, I think I'm willing to risk it. Which are your favorites? I might have to narrow it down a bit so as to not overflow my closet. 

Happy Friday!




Simple dots and a ray of sunshine

H&M blouse, Old Navy jeans and flats

This is just a simple everyday work outfit with my new polka dot blouse that I found at H&M the other day. I love the loose and flirty style and I really like that the dots are tan instead of white. I added a pair of my favorite jeans and my newfound metallic flats that manage to go with everything. I have been looking for a good pair of flats for months now and I think because they aren't one of the "in" styles right now, it's hard to find a decent pair. It seemed like every pair I looked at had a big fat flower or other unnecessary thing on the toe, ugh. Finally stumbled upon this super simple pair of flats at Old Navy, but they are comfortable and the in between metallic color goes with everything. Mission accomplished.

It's my boyfriend's birthday this weekend so I've been busy tonight shopping and whipping up some cookies (shhhhh...) for a sweet surprise. Also very glad to realize earlier today that the Project Runway premiere was on tonight, yipee! Oh, how I've missed Tim Gunn. :)


Bits and pieces

These are just some photos of bits and pieces of my life and apartment here in Portland. Fun bedding textures, a string of polaroids, Spike (our cactus, the only plant my roommate and I can keep alive), a guitar I haven't played in too long, homemade wall art, a vintage globe, and my mess of a jewelry collection. I always like seeing these little windows into the everyday life of people, so I hope you enjoy these. Sometimes my favorite things to photograph are the simple things like little still life moments. 

More outfit photos coming soon, I've been on a roll lately! ;)

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Feelin' flirty

LC Lauren Conrad dress, H&M booties, Gap knit jacket

I found this cute flirty dress on one of my very few trips to Kohls. I remember having to take the Max (lightrail) way out into the suburbs to even find a Kohls so I could check out the Lauren Conrad line in person. Luckily I found this loose girly dress that I like, so it was worth it. This knit blazer from Gap is great, too because it's literally made from sweatpant material. So comfortable and cozy, but still makes this outfit work appropriate, at least for my job. 

Nothing else much new here, just enjoying the Portland summer and trying to get out to do fun things outside. My boyfriend and I took a long bike ride out in the Banks/Vernonia area just outside of Portland this weekend and it was so beautiful. Coming from the city it's so nice to have big wheat fields and green trees everywhere only a short drive away. One of my favorite things about Oregon! Even in the city, you're never far from nature. We also found a really cool industrial photo spot the other night, so I will have lovely photos from that little experiment coming up soon!

I hope everyone is having a lovely (and not too hot) summer. :)



#nowplaying - The Decemberists - "This is why we fight" 


7.4.11 4th of July barbecue and fireworks



A little touch of 70s style

H&M cardigan and jeans, F21 blouse, Sam Edelman Boutique wedges, Cole Haan bag, F21 rings

This is just another daily outfit that I wore to work yesterday, with a little bit of 70s style thrown in there. In an update to my last post, I have decided to return the awesome 70s style jeans that I found at H&M. I don't know if it's the wash or the super wide leg, but let's just say I took some blog photos and they did not look cute. Think I might need to splurge on a nicer pair for the look I'm going for. At the moment this pair is the closets thing I have to the style that I want, so I threw them on with my wedges and my favorite hippie blouse. They aren't exactly bell bottoms or flares, but I do like the nice clean wash. 

I don't usually show my bags in my posts, probably because I typically just grab the same one every day. It's too much work to transfer all my purse contents, as I'm sure you know. My sister kindly gave me this bag as a birthday gift and I've been wearing it ever since! It's the perfect size for everyday and the color goes with just about anything. It went with this outfit particularly well so I decided to let it slip in here. 

Since the mishap of those h&m jeans I'm now on the hunt for the perfect pair of flare or wide leg jeans. If you have any designer denim suggestions for a curvy girl with a waist, feel free to leave a comment! :)



PS- please disregard my face in these photos. It had been a long workday, makeup worn off, and evidently I make funny faces when friends take photos of me? Blerg...



H&M jeans and blouses, Aldo Pouche Mid Wedge, Super Lucia sunglasses, Swedish Hasbeens Super High Clog

So, in my latest fashion risk (I tend to be fond of those, hello rompers!), I purchased the above high-waisted, wide-leg jeans from H&M. I've been looking for a great pair of high-waisted 70s style jeans for a while, and this pair fit pretty perfectly, so I took the plunge. I've gotten so used to wearing exclusively skinny jeans in recent years that it feels a little strange to pull on such a loose-leg pair. I am also "blessed" (ha) with hips and a butt, so dark wash skinnies are probably the most flattering choice, but I couldn't resist the fun 70s vibe of this pair, even with the lighter wash and hip-hugging cut. I'm not taking the tags off until I try them on with a few more things at home, but I think I'm going to like them.

Luckily, I have the above white blouses to pair these babies with, but I can think of a few other things that would elevate the wide-leg jean look even more. I kind of die over those Super Lucia sunglasses, and I love the color of the coral blouse as a change-up to white. While I recently found a nice pair of dark brown clogs, I'm still coveting a nude pair of Swedish Hasbeens like this pair. The Aldo wedges look like a practical interpretation of the Kork-Ease Ava sandals that I have also recently been lusting for. Hopefully I will have a successful outfit post with these new jeans soon, provided everything goes well.



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A Pendleton-wearing Oregonian


Pendleton meets Opening Ceremony cardigan, American Apparel circle scarf, Gap patched jeans, Mossimo heeled clogs

My friend Rachel told me about a Pendleton meets Opening Ceremony sample sale that she heard about last week, so the two of us (who both work downtown) took a little lunch hour jaunt over to the local Pendleton store and there were racks of the high-end collaboration 70 percent off! Yipee! I've been coveting a piece from the collection for so long but just always assumed it was out of my budget. Luckily, this $315 cardigan was on sale for only $60, so both of us had to snatch one up. I have a feeling it will be that perfect 'throw over anything simple' sweater all year round. I don't wear these jeans to work (a little too ratty) so it was nice to break them out over the weekend.

Happy Monday to you all!