Summertime = skirts and clogs

F21 skirt and hat, Sway top, Target clog heels.

Wore this on a little jaunt out with a friend for some shopping and sushi on Sunday. Yum yum. I might have stopped at DSW and picked up two pairs of shoes that I will show you later. Oops! Seems like all I want to buy lately is shoes, shoes, and more shoes. Speaking of shoes, I have been coveting Swedish Hasbeens for years now, so I was pretty darn excited when I found these clog heels at Target for ohhhhh...25 dollars. Not a bad shopping find, if I do say so myself. Anyway, it's finally acting like summer around here so that means it's time to break out all my skirts, dresses, and other flouncy things. I need to curl my hair more often because this was lazy second day hair (shhhh...) and it still looks pretty good. That extra 10 minutes in the morning is a struggle, though. To say the least. 




Stinson Beach, CA

H&M dress and swimsuit, F21 sweater, Ecote shoes, borrowed belt, HaberVision sunnies.

This outfit was from a lovely (and windy) day at Stinson Beach in the Bay Area while I was visiting friends. It was such a beautiful day! We didn't stay long because it was so windy that sand was getting everywhere (it even ended up in my lip balm), but it was still wonderful to be able to take in the ocean beauty on such a nice day. I bought this dress a while ago from H&M, but I love it because it's great for layering in the winter, or as an easy cover up in summer. Can't go wrong! Also slightly obsessed with these new huarache-inspired shoes I found at Urban on sale. Wasn't sure if I liked them at first, but now I'm convinced. It's FINALLY summer weather here in Portland and I could not be more excited. I might even wear shorts and a tank top today....oh my goodness. 



To San Francisco and back

 The best salad I have ever eaten from Cafe Intermezzo on Telegraph in Berkeley. YUM. 

 New shoes!

 Lots of wind (and sunshine) at Stinson beach.

 Lovely friend Whitney right after she found out she was accepted into nursing school. :)

 Drinks on top of The Claremont to celebrate, of course. 

Florence + The Machine at the Greek Theater in Berkeley = icing on the already-wonderful vacation cake. 

So...I haven't posted in a few weeks, but I'm blaming it on my wonderful little vacation to the Bay Area. My friend from college Jenna and I have gone to the Sasquatch! music festival three years in a row so our plan was to finally meet up again (she lives in Berkeley with her fam) for the festival this year. Unfortunately the lineup wasn't all that we had hoped, so I had to figure out a way to make a reunion possible. The Florence + The Machine tour was the perfect excuse to go to the bay for a visit! I took a few days off of work and flew down to where the sun was actually shining. I spent three days in the city and three bumming around Berkeley, and had a wonderful time. I've actually traveled a fair amount this year, but it always feels nice to get away for a few days. Especially since we haven't exactly been having summer weather here in Portland. I do have a few outfit posts from the trip, but first I will give you a little taste of the other fun things that went on. I won't blab too much, but it was great to see my California friends! I miss them bunches and secretly wish they would all move to Portland. Even so, it's nice to be back at home...


Long skirt and sunshine

Forever21 skirt and sandals, Gap top

I wasn't sure if this skirt was a little too hippie-ish for me when I bought it, but it's turning out to be very nice on warm days. It's very light and sheer so it blows in the wind and has a summery vibe. I bought these sandals last summer at F21 and honestly didn't expect much of them, but they have also turned out to be great. My boyfriend would say that I look 'pissed' in these photos (he liked the outfit), but really it's just the strange lighting making shadows, I swear. Anywho, just been working away here and finally transitioning into what is hopefully not a rainy summer. Anyway, I would love to write more but I'm heading to San Francisco today for a long weekend and the Florence + the Machine show!