Color, color, and more color.

Old Navy red jeans, F21 cardigan and scarf, H&M gold flats.

Ruh oh. I've been a bad blogger again. Sometimes life just takes over! :) I've had a busy couple weeks with friends and also some family visiting from the east coast so while I did have some time to take some outfit photos, I've been too swamped to actually put any up until now. I have a few in the holding bin right now, but this is one of my favorites from last week so I wanted to post it asap. I stumbled upon this colorful scarf on an aimless trip to Forever 21 and had to get it. Not only is the print great, but the fabric is perfect for a lightweight scarf. Yay! I kind of forgot about these red jeans for a while, but resurrected them recently in a moment of outfit boredom. They are one of my favorite comfortable fits and they always make me feel more energized. 

I have yet to find the perfect formula to keeping this blog going consistently and still maintaining a social life, but I'm working on it. It's also foiled my gym schedule a bit so must get back on that. I'm signing off for now to make some dinner, watch The Bachelorette (guilty pleasure) and perhaps have a glass of wine. Typical night at home. :)




Is it dress season yet?

Today ended up being rather nice by the time I got off work, but it started out cold so I had to wear tights. Although I probably would have to wear tights with this dress to work anyway, you know, to be somewhat professional. I am dying for it to be dress season! The forecast for the next week here is STILL mostly under 60 with rain, and I am fed up. Portland is rainy, yes, but this is getting ridiculous. My mom and I got lovely pedicures on Mother's day and it is supposed to be sandal weather, darnit! I will have to pray to the weather gods or something because the conditions have me feeling rather uninspired. 

Anyway, I do love this dress, with tights and all. It's pretty much the exact same dress as my pink one with the birds on it, but it's such a flattering shape that I had to get it anyway. It makes me feel pretty and girly no matter what the weather. Grrrrr. Since I am uninspired with the clothes I can wear in the current weather, I have been perusing warmer weather items online, particularly shoes. Need a perfect sandal wedge or I'm even warming up to getting some almost-but not quite flatforms. Just have to wait for Mr. Paycheck. :)



Crochet and vintage clogs

Forever 21 dress, necklace, and sunnies, Urban Renewal denim shirt, vintage 70s clogs

It was so sunny and beautiful this weekend! I feel like I talk about the weather way too much on here, maybe it's a Pacific Northwest thing since it changes every five minutes, but Sunday was so warm and beautiful. My roomie and I were determined to get outside so we walked to nearby Hawthorne to do some store-sifting and eating of delicious things.

First stop was House of Vintage, which was huge and insane and I'm not sure how I ever knew about it before. Anyway, after my disappointment at not being able to get any H&M x Swedish Hasbeen sandals, I was super excited to find this vintage pair at the shop. Would you consider them clogs or are they just wood-soled sandals? Either way I have a feeling I will be wearing them a lot this summer. There is even a distinct wood knot on the side of one shoe, which I think is pretty cool.

After that came a lox + cream cheese bagel (yum!) and some self-serve frozen yogurt with all the appropriate toppings. We got back to the apartment just in time to take a quick rest before heading out again to the Crystal Ballroom to meet up with a couple more friends (including Rachel) for the Fleet Foxes concert. They are one of my absolute favorite bands to see live and they just release their new album Helplessness Blues so I was beyond excited. If you haven't listened to it yet, it's a MUST. The concert was beautiful and made me love all the songs even more than I already did.

Did I mention I went skiing on Saturday? It was a very busy weekend. :)

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Sunshine and good music

Forever 21 blouse and necklace, thrifted Levi's shorts, Minnetonka boots, H&M bracelet, Urban Outfitters sunglasses

This was actually from about a week ago, I've been a busy lady this week! But it was the first real day of warmth here so I broke out the shorts even though my poor white legs hadn't seen the sun in months as you can tell. I didn't have plans for the day so I just took a long walk to a nearby Goodwill (found some good stuff!) and stopped for a cherry Slurpee on the way. Yum. The sunshine definitely makes me feel a bit more of my bohemian side, which is also perfect for concert season. I'm off to see Fleet Foxes tonight and I am beyond psyched. They are definitely one of my favorite bands to see live so I can't wait to sing along to all of their new songs. 

Until next time!