Crochet and vintage clogs

Forever 21 dress, necklace, and sunnies, Urban Renewal denim shirt, vintage 70s clogs

It was so sunny and beautiful this weekend! I feel like I talk about the weather way too much on here, maybe it's a Pacific Northwest thing since it changes every five minutes, but Sunday was so warm and beautiful. My roomie and I were determined to get outside so we walked to nearby Hawthorne to do some store-sifting and eating of delicious things.

First stop was House of Vintage, which was huge and insane and I'm not sure how I ever knew about it before. Anyway, after my disappointment at not being able to get any H&M x Swedish Hasbeen sandals, I was super excited to find this vintage pair at the shop. Would you consider them clogs or are they just wood-soled sandals? Either way I have a feeling I will be wearing them a lot this summer. There is even a distinct wood knot on the side of one shoe, which I think is pretty cool.

After that came a lox + cream cheese bagel (yum!) and some self-serve frozen yogurt with all the appropriate toppings. We got back to the apartment just in time to take a quick rest before heading out again to the Crystal Ballroom to meet up with a couple more friends (including Rachel) for the Fleet Foxes concert. They are one of my absolute favorite bands to see live and they just release their new album Helplessness Blues so I was beyond excited. If you haven't listened to it yet, it's a MUST. The concert was beautiful and made me love all the songs even more than I already did.

Did I mention I went skiing on Saturday? It was a very busy weekend. :)

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Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i adore those shoes, and what a cute dress!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Kellie W. said...

Those shoes are so cute! What a great find!
And I'm obviously late to the Fleet Foxes party, because I just started listening to them a few weeks ago, but now I LOVE them!