Feelin' Folky

Forever 21 printed maxi skirt, thrifted boots, Old Navy top, Forever 21 hammered metal bracelet, H&M rings

For some reason this month I did a really good job with my budget and I also got a raise at work so I bet you know what that means! Yes, a small amount of shopping. Perfect timing too, with the seasons changing and all these pretty clothes showing up in stores. I managed to snag two really great maxi skirts this week, this being one of them. I've found with maxi skirts and dresses that the fit is all about how it hangs. This one is sheer and light with a darker layer underneath, meaning it hangs wonderfully and swings when I walk. I wasn't sure about the print at first, but now I'm convinced. 

After my shopping, I went to see The Cave Singers at the Doug Fir on Friday, so I really wanted to throw on something kind of hippie-ish and folky. I pulled this skirt right out of my bag, threw on some boots and bam, folky outfit ready to go. If you haven't heard The Cave Singers before, you should check out their newest album No Witch. It is great great stuff and they are even better live. The lead singer has so much energy it always makes for a fun show. I've included a little sample below in case you'd like to take a listen.




Wooden Shoe tulip festival

Wrangler thrifted jacket, H&M top, Gap scarf, Land's End duck boots, TRKFLD camera bag

I finally made it down to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival this past weekend in Woodburn, Ore., which is about an hour drive from Portland. For two photographers, this place is pretty much paradise. There are landscape and detail shots to be had everywhere you look, not to mention crazy beautiful colors. Unfortunately we had a pretty white sky, which is crummy for photos, but it was sunny so that's all I could really ask for. I really like the shots I got with a little sun flare in them. I love me some sun flare action. We stayed and took photos and wandered around for close to six hours, and did some cool after-dark shots that I can't wait to see. Needless to say by then I was freezing and exhausted, but it was well worth it. I am even tempted to go back on a day with bluer sky...but it closes after next weekend so I don't know if I will make it. Either way it was a beautiful day, so I have no complaints. 

Oh, except that I lost my favorite black sunglasses in the fields. That was a bummer. 


Black bird white bird

H&M dress, Forever 21 tights, Thrifted boots

I love the lighting in these last photos. We had fun playing around in the park near where my boyfriend lives. I feel a little bit sheepish wearing this dress since the Portlandia "Put a bird on it" skit, but I really do love little birds like this. If I ever got a tattoo (which I probably won't) I always thought it would be of a little bird on my wrist. We made it to the tulip festival yesterday! Other than a fairly cloudless sky (bad for photos), it was a beautiful day. We arrived around 4 pm and stayed until about 10, so go the adventures of two photographers together! We both got some great shots and I'm really excited to go through them all, although it will take forever. It's getting closer and closer to bare legs weather, but we're not quite there yet...


Beautiful colors

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

Hopefully heading to the festival again today! It's a bit chilly here but not too overcast so it should be a good day to get some photos. It has been raining here though, so I will probably have to throw on my rain boots to clomp around in the fields. I wish it were warmer but at least there are peeks of sun. The colors at this place are so beautiful, it's really amazing. Even the best photos don't do them justice. 


Get Real Get Right

H&M maxi dress, shirt, and boots. Urban Outfitters sunglasses and ring. 

Yay sunshine! Just a little bit of sunshine at this time of year does such wonders for the mood. I can't wait until it stays warm, I see myself wearing this outfit a lot come summer time, maybe with sandals instead of boots. I got a few of these tees at H&M recently and they are so sheer and soft! 

I plan to head to the nearby tulip festival soon with my boyfriend so I've decided that maybe that will be the official start of spring in my head. It's so beautiful there in the big field of tulips, I can't wait to take as many photos as possible and see all the unusual colors. There is also a photography contest with some pretty awesome prizes, so we are scheming how to both win. 

In reference to the title of this post, I have been listening to a bit of Sufjan's latest album again. It still feels surreal that I actually saw him in concert back in October after listening to him for years without getting to see a show. There were shutter shades, metallic pants, and hilarious dance moves involved, but it was a great show nonetheless. I can't wait for all the good shows coming up this Spring. It's always a good season for bands passing through. 

Until next time!


New music find: Jarle Bernhoft

I discovered this video recently thanks to a friend and WOW, this guy Jarle Bernhoft (or just known as Bernhoft) is crazy talented. Great voice, crazy guitar and looping skills, and an awesome pop sound with a little touch of r&b. Usually I lean more towards folk or rock than pop or r&b but this guy is just so great and his songs are really catchy. Check out the video above for one of his best songs, "Cmon Talk" performed live. Right now the Norwegian singer/songwriter is touring Europe, but I hope he comes to the US soon! I also like this video below of him performing "Fly Away." He jams away and it is awesome. Am I right?


Spring is coming...

Old Navy jeans, Target blouse, BDG sweater vest, Jeffrey Campbell wedges

The sun finally hit yesterday! Despite the fact that they day started out at about 35 degrees, it was 60 and beautiful by the time I got home from work. I actually got warm taking these photos outside my apartment, how strange is that? Unfortunately it's back to being cloudy today, but these little hints give me faith that Sprig will actually come one of these days. I always want to wear this pretty floral blouse come Springtime, and I couldn't help throwing on my matching Jeffrey Campbell wedges with little scallops. 


Cargo pants and more stripes

Ann Taylor Loft pants, Forever 21 top, Forever 21 blazer, H&M rings, H&M flats, Target watch

An outfit that I wore to work the other day. I love my new-ish rings from H&M and this top has always been one of my favorites because of it's big loose shape, it's so cozy! The cargos are a nice alternative to jeans, especially in the slate gray color. Yay for better photos thanks to my new remote! Woohoo!


Stripes and my new fringe bag

H&M dress and bag, thrifted belt, Target hat and watch

Annnnnd back to style posts, weee! These photos look a bit strange since my exposure was way too bright, but c'est la vie. Luckily I bought a new wireless remote today which will make everything much easier and the photos better. This dress is super comfortable and I love the big stripes. I wore this to work but then put on my bowler hat when I got home because it just makes every outfit feel cooler. I am just itching for the warmer weather to come but Portland is being stubborn and rainy, which is typical. I even bought a couple swimsuits at H&M the other day and now I am just dreaming about it being summer so I can wear them. 

Tomorrow is Friday which means breakfast out at work! If you are curious, I write for the lifestyle section over at Digital Trends, a big tech website based here in Portland. Most of what I write about aims a bit more at guys than gals, but some of it is pretty cool or sometimes fashion-related, so check out the lifestyle section if you feel so inclined. Anyway, my bosses are nice people and take us out to breakfast every other Friday! It's the little things that make for such a nice work environment. :)

More fashion soon, I'm so excited to be back at it!