Denim with a pop of yellow

Gap jeans and shirt, Forever 21 denim vest, Dolce Vita boots.

I'm a little behind on my outfit posts here, the last week or so has been kind of hectic in my neck of the woods. This outfit was from about a week ago when we were still having transitional spring-like weather, but now we're in a full-blown early summer it seems! I love having more sunshine around here, but I haven't been sleeping well thanks to the hot weather. I guess it just takes some getting used to for those of us more acclimated to cold and rain. BUT the weather has me excited for our beautiful summers here and all the fun adventures that go along with them! Also excited to finally be able to wear dresses and skirts. Hooray! More of that to come soon once I get on top of things again. :)

As for this outfit, I'm pretty obsessed with denim of all kinds and I thought that these two pieces were different enough that I could wear them together with a little pop of color in between. And I've just been wanting to throw this vest over everything lately that I think needs another layer. I generally like button-downs, but sometimes they make me feel a little too preppy or mom-ish, so I love that the bright color of this one makes it feel like a bolder choice, even though it's just as simple.

Cheers to Spring!


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