The Suburbs

Cool outfit for a hot summer day! Title is a little hint at the new Arcade Fire album, which I got my hands on yesterday. It is pretty amazing and I'm already obsessed. Post about that later. ;)


Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine is my current musical obsession, and frontwoman Florence Welch happens to be another female artist with a fabulous sense of style. Her style is a little goth, a little punk, a little granny, and sooooo perfectly British. If you haven't heard her debut album Lungs yet, get your hands on a copy, stat! I mean it. This girl is pure talent and won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Her raw, powerful vocals are complimented by elaborate and equally powerful song arrangements. Her lyrics are at once ethereal, otherworldly, and refreshingly real. I can't wait until I get a chance to see her live. Ah! Such good music. :)



I spent a lovely afternoon out on the river at my friend's (well, friend's parents') floating home this Tuesday. It was warm and sunny and a crystal clear day. We even had a view of Mt. Hood from the patio, how cool is that? We had a few beers, overdid it on the snacks (surprise), and got eaten alive by mosquitos. That last part wasn't so wonderful, but the evening as a whole was perfect and so relaxing. The lighting in the afternoon was so amazing that we all took photos of each other. :) What pretty pretty friends I have!



All of us girls from Oregon Bride went out on Thursday evening to wander around the Pearl and enjoy First Thursday. We started out at the Low Brow Lounge, per Liz's suggestion, and I'm definitely going back! A dive bar in the swankiest part of town...couldn't be more perfect. We popped in at the Double Decker PDX launch party, where the newly refurbished red 1960s party bus was parked, then made our way to the Wieden + Kennedy bash. Across the river we had a few drinks at Roadside Attraction, which may become a new favorite spot. My fellow editorial interns Marie (dark hair) and Samantha (who recently got engaged!) are pictured above. I love that last photo because it could not look more Portland: rainy and gray on the first of July! Haha. 


More photos from our Sauvie Island beach trip a couple weeks ago. It was so lovely! These are some of the last photos from my old camera, I'm almost nostalgic. We had all the beach essentials: Hansen's soda, Goldfish, Odwalla, Polaroid camera, David Sedaris, and sunnies! It's supposed to be pretty hot here (90s!) next weekend so perhaps another trip over there is in order. In that kind of heat I might actually get in the very, very cold water. Haha.