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H&M maxi dress, shirt, and boots. Urban Outfitters sunglasses and ring. 

Yay sunshine! Just a little bit of sunshine at this time of year does such wonders for the mood. I can't wait until it stays warm, I see myself wearing this outfit a lot come summer time, maybe with sandals instead of boots. I got a few of these tees at H&M recently and they are so sheer and soft! 

I plan to head to the nearby tulip festival soon with my boyfriend so I've decided that maybe that will be the official start of spring in my head. It's so beautiful there in the big field of tulips, I can't wait to take as many photos as possible and see all the unusual colors. There is also a photography contest with some pretty awesome prizes, so we are scheming how to both win. 

In reference to the title of this post, I have been listening to a bit of Sufjan's latest album again. It still feels surreal that I actually saw him in concert back in October after listening to him for years without getting to see a show. There were shutter shades, metallic pants, and hilarious dance moves involved, but it was a great show nonetheless. I can't wait for all the good shows coming up this Spring. It's always a good season for bands passing through. 

Until next time!


Kellie W. said...

I love that dress, I'm obsessed with anything leopard print!
Have fun at the tulip festival, that sounds like so much fun! You're going to get loads of great photos!:)

Victoria said...

Omg love this look so much! the glasses, the skirt is amazing! simply perfect and cool!! xx

Collections said...

Love this outfit. That skirt is fabulous.

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