Long skirt and sunshine

Forever21 skirt and sandals, Gap top

I wasn't sure if this skirt was a little too hippie-ish for me when I bought it, but it's turning out to be very nice on warm days. It's very light and sheer so it blows in the wind and has a summery vibe. I bought these sandals last summer at F21 and honestly didn't expect much of them, but they have also turned out to be great. My boyfriend would say that I look 'pissed' in these photos (he liked the outfit), but really it's just the strange lighting making shadows, I swear. Anywho, just been working away here and finally transitioning into what is hopefully not a rainy summer. Anyway, I would love to write more but I'm heading to San Francisco today for a long weekend and the Florence + the Machine show!


Kellie W. said...

Love the skirt! Have fun at the concert! I'm dying to see Florence live!

rachel said...

kewt as always!

Sarah H said...

Ooooo sexy top! You've inspired me to try the see-though crochet thing. You look great!