Simple dots and a ray of sunshine

H&M blouse, Old Navy jeans and flats

This is just a simple everyday work outfit with my new polka dot blouse that I found at H&M the other day. I love the loose and flirty style and I really like that the dots are tan instead of white. I added a pair of my favorite jeans and my newfound metallic flats that manage to go with everything. I have been looking for a good pair of flats for months now and I think because they aren't one of the "in" styles right now, it's hard to find a decent pair. It seemed like every pair I looked at had a big fat flower or other unnecessary thing on the toe, ugh. Finally stumbled upon this super simple pair of flats at Old Navy, but they are comfortable and the in between metallic color goes with everything. Mission accomplished.

It's my boyfriend's birthday this weekend so I've been busy tonight shopping and whipping up some cookies (shhhhh...) for a sweet surprise. Also very glad to realize earlier today that the Project Runway premiere was on tonight, yipee! Oh, how I've missed Tim Gunn. :)