Mint and Flowers

H&M cardigan and blouse, Gap boyfriend jeans, Jeffrey Campbell wedges. 

I'm really glad I found these slouchy boyfriend jeans because they seem like the perfect compliment to all my bright feminine colors and prints that I love for spring. I really like good contrast in an outfit, so pairing these tomboyish jeans with more feminine details is a fun way to accomplish that. Not too feminine, not too boyish, but something right in the middle.

I'm also glad that I am able to wear such casual things to work. I work in a very laid-back office of mostly male engineers, so even throwing on a pair of heels with a casual outfit makes me feel pretty dressed up for the workplace. And for Portland, for that matter. That being said, wedges with casual jeans are a perfect fit. I feel put-together but not out of place that way.

Do you have any styling tips for boyfriend jeans? Next on my list is pairing them with stripes and/or some skinny stilettos...


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Maggie J. said...

I was trying on a peplum top the other day and just happened to be wearing boyfriend jeans. I really liked the way they looked together - the perfect feminine/boyish balance.

I love your floral top! I just came across your blog and I love it!

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Sarah said...

You look lovely! I really like this combo - and the boyfriend jeans keep it from being too "cute". (Like you said :)