Experimenting in Nail Art

One of my favorite little beauty rituals is doing my own nails. Thanks to a small beauty store near my campus that sold OPI colors at a good discount, I accumulated quite the collection while I was in college. It was a little beauty splurge for myself, and now I have a veritable rainbow to choose from when I kick back to watch what's on my DVR and paint my nails. Of course now I'm hooked on DIY gel manicures, too, but that's for another post.

For this post, I got to have some fun playing with nail art for work. Yes, for work. :) Over at Trapit we have an entire Nail Art Trap that is full of awesome inspiration. For our company blog I did a little tutorial on this fun v-shaped simple nail art. You can read that full post here, but here are the basic steps to recreate the look.

1. Cut 20 small strips of scotch tape and place them somewhere accessible, like on a magazine or the edge of your coffee table.
2. Prep your nails and paint on a base coat of clear polish. Wait until dry.
3. Using the strips of scotch tape, mark off your V shape on all ten nails. Make sure the tape is pressed firmly to the nail so that you get a sharp edge.
4. Paint two thin coats of your color into the marked off V shape.
5. Remove the tape while the color polish is still wet. Wait a few minutes.
6. Paint one or two coats of a clear top coat to seal in your design and give it some shine.

Happy nail painting!


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