Giving the no-heat curl a whirl

I've been on a mission lately to figure out the best ways to get some curl/wave/texture into my fine, straight hair. If only it was still 2001 when sleek hair ruled the world. I've tried the popular curling iron Lauren Conrad method, but my hair tends to fall out of the curl rather quickly, which is frustrating after I've put more effort and time into my hair than I normally ever do.

I came across this overnight no-heat curl method in my search and as a low-maintenance, get-up-and-go in the morning type of gal, thought it sounded pretty perfect, so I gave it a try! Head over to fellow Portland blogger The Paper Mama for a helpful video tutorial, but here's the basic gist of the technique.

-When hair is still a little damp, put a stretchy headband (about 1/2-1 inch thick) over your hair from the hairline, above your ears, to the back of  your head.

-Brush through your hair and split it into two sections. Starting with a small (1/2-1 inch-ish) section of hair in front, wrap the hair away from your face through the headband. Continue wrapping the hair around and through the headband, grabbing more hair each time. Repeat on the other side until all of your hair is twisted into the headband.

-Go to sleep. Wake up. Pull the headband out and you will have curls!

The first time I tried this, I wrapped it fairly loosely and ended up with bigger, looser waves (above). I made sure to wrap the hair tighter the second time and I got much more defined curls. My only problem with this method was that it's hard to get the curls to be uniform on both sides, hence the side-swept look in the first photo.

I'm going to see if I can perfect the method a bit more, but for wake-up-and-go hair I'd say this trick was pretty successful. And the curls lasted much better than heated curls since my hair dried in the shape.



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