Dots and Denim

Forever21 blouse, Gap jeans, Crown Vintage loafers.

This is just a casual typical work outfit from the other day. I've just been excited that I can break out my blouses and flats and not be stuck wearing chunky sweaters and boots every single day. I always think it looks cool on other girls when button-up shirts or blouses are buttoned all the way to the top, so I've been timidly trying to adopt this look, too. I like it with this top, especially since it's a little sheer. 

If you haven't checked out my work at Trapit yet, I've been doing some fun food blogging and have made all kinds of delicious things. My latest endeavor was a Guinness, chive, and Irish cheddar beer bread. Check out the full post here for more! 




Stylishlyme said...

I do like how the blouses looks buttoned all the way to the top too but don't really like how it looks on my. This is a very cute blouse!


Sarah said...

Love the dotted blouse!

Jennifer said...

Love this look!

xo Jennifer


Sarah with a Bow said...

Cute top and, uh, can I eat that tasty bread? (: