New watch!

Fossil Rose Gold Watch 

I got so lucky when I found this watch a few weeks ago at Nordstrom Rack, I absolutely love it. I had been eyeing the Michael Kors (he makes the best watches!) gold and rose gold styles but they are a little out of my budget or would require me to save instead of impulse purchase. Luckily I stopped by the Rack one day on my lunch break and there this one was! It was the only one like it and I scored it for only 40 bucks, yippee! I am really loving the color, it seems to go with everything and I like that it's a little different than a basic gold or silver. 

I hope everyone is having a fantastic long weekend! I have the paid holiday off today so I have to think of something fun to do so I can say that I'm getting paid for it. :)

There will be more outfit posts soon, I promise. I've been slacking a bit on that front. The boyfriend is moving away (only 80 miles so I'll live) soon for a school program so we've been spending as much time doing fun summer things as possible. 




Emily said...

I've been lookig for a new watch too! I really like this one.

xoxo Emily

Sarah said...

So cute! I love it! I sprung for the Michael Kors gold one but your awesome find makes me question my judgement... haha ohh well!

theresa said...

i love golden watches, but never brought one! so chic!!

Sarah Whitney said...

Love it! Nothing beats a classic gold watch.

Andrea said...

It's lovely, I love rose gold :)