Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside

Last night I popped over to Berbati's Pan with a few friends to check out the Willamette Week Best New Bands Showcase, and I was not disappointed. The evening started out with two great local bands: Deelay Ceelay and Typhoon, but the real show-stopper of the night was (voted best new Portland band and WW cover stars for the week) the charming Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside. 

This band has a sound that is not easy to pin down. Ms. Ford is a throwback of a leading lady, with personality to boot, but their influences seem to include everything from retro pop to blues, to soul, to punk. Ford has an instantaneously recognizable voice (think Joanna Newsom or Regina Spektor) that makes it hard not to listen, and her songs are more complex than a 'retro' title would make it seem. 

Take a listen below or click here to listen to songs and an interview on OPB. And by all means, get to a live show! It's worth it. 

photo by Jen Hunt

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